Isle of Night

Bone Orcs & Bone Traps

The group admires the pyre they created and watch the boat fall apart as Candle begins molding a copper sword he found on the corpse of a guard into bracers. 

The group continued to move up the coast they were following, until it became nightfall. They ventured further from the beach and made camp in some grassy fields.

During Asha's watch, she caught sight of a group of people in in the distance. Seeing one send the other two off, Asha knew that they were getting reinforcements. She wakes up Candle and Jace and instructs them to run North. Candle flings the campfire a fare distance at the where the people were seen, and lands it close to the remaining orc – in the illumination the group can see the orc is outfitted in bone armor. They all begin running north further from the shore.

Candle stops mid run to try and find the orc, but cannot see him. He stands there for awhile looking into the dark before he begins to run where Asha and Jace ran off to.  Candle is met with the menacing glare of the Orc, who was able to rush between the group. Candle asks what fuels his desire, and the orc responds "Your bones". Candle summons a fire shield to begin fighting the Orc.

Asha and Jace, hearing Candle's cry, turn to face his direction, seeing the silhouette of the Orc against Candle's shield. Asha opens fire on the Orc, and Jace is able to fire a crossbow bolt at him. Both only graze him. The Orc took a large swing with his bone club at Candle, leaving a large welt in Candle's side. Candle fights back, bashing the opponent with his fire shield, and Jace fires another crossbow bolt which lodges in the neck of the Orc and kills him.

The team begins to run further north, with the Orc reinforcements chasing them. Jace breaks off from hte group to make a diversion, but falls to ground. He bends time to take back his action, and then steps through time to catch up with his team. This distraction works as the bone orcs are left looking on the ground where they heard Jace fall.

The group reaches a stone archway, and the rubble of what looks like an old tower. Instead of fidning shelter there, the group runs west the ruins and hides in the tall grass. They stay there until they no longer hear the orcs.

They return to the ruins to investigate. They find a series of symbols arrange in bone with a hanging lamb corpse. The corpse looks like it is stuffed with something, and they open the lamb and remove an intricately carved human skull from inside it. Asha takes the lamb and burries it's body properly. Candle stows the skull for later use, and then messes up the bone symbols on the ground of the ruins.

They resume camp, and in the morning continue their way along the beach to the east. They travel for most of the day before reaching a fen, where Asha advises they should be weary of snakes. They instead decide to travel the perimeter of the fen. They come across a small hill, with a skull cairn atop it. He sees the corpses of two guard from the temple of hope, who each of a limb ripped off – one of them their leg, the other their arm. Jace disturbs the cairn, which cracks a gem that was hidden inside. The corpses begin to animate.

Jace reverses time, and the cairn rebuilds itself. Candle decides to light the bodies on fire, which catches the attention of a group of orcs wading through the shallow waters of the fen. They turn to face the group, and start towards them.


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