Queen Valla Thanas

Late Queen of Gardens and Beauty


A quiet person, Queen Valla Thanas was well known for wearing gowns and garments resembling nature and flowers. She was said to resemble a rose in personality – approachable but thorny. She was known to be overly cautious, as well as tell many well constructed lies.


Valla was lost her husband shortly after the birth of her son Kalato, and assumed control of the ream. She was hailed overly cautious ruler who got swept up in building grandiose gardens around her kingdom.

She was often quiet and stayed out of the spotlight, letting her advisors speak for her, but was known to make all of the decisions surrounding the Kingdom and the realm.

Her focus on clean appearance lead to one of her most well-known decisions to utilize an isolated mystical island as a dumping ground for criminals and enemies of war.

Queen Valla Thanas

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