Isle of Night

Crabs & Ghost

The group hits the water with a splat, and begins racing to the shore. They see a golden temple at the shore, illuminated by the ray of light they just fell from. They soon realize there is a net behind them which is scraping them towards the shore.

Asha panics in trying to get away  from the net, and get tangled in it – being brought bellow the water. Jace, after floundering to swim in the salty water leans back and submits to the net – but gets salt water in his eyes and is temporarily blinded.  Candle has no idea about the night, and is able to outpace it.

They arrive at the beach and they are greeted by a fancily dressed man in a tableau. He names himself as Sal Losen, God of Hope and Architecture. He welcomes the exiles, explaining that they should be thankful "for you are in the land of gods, and you've been granted a second chance."

He leads them into his temple, which is made to look very golden with pieces of gold fabric and and metal placed on surfaces and as decoration. There are viney over-grown plants crawling around the walls. Sal Losen offers the exiles the oppertunity to be on of his 'hopefuls' and join his forces, as he is always looking for new recruits to spread the word of the god of hope.

The group provides little response, and shows little interest in collaborating with Sal – in which he says they are free to go whenever they'd like. But there was going to be a feast in hteir honour if they stayed.

They leave the temple and contimplate which direction to go. Asha sends nesume to the west to scout out 'danger'. After an hour or so, Nesume returns and squeeks 3 times – meaning there is certainly danger, probably. The group decides to move to the east, over the rolling hills. As they're leaving the area of the temple, the gaurds worn them of the Bone Clan – the group pushes past the guards  without responding.

They walk along the beach, when after an hour or so they see the hull of a wrecked ship with a giant hole on the shore in the distance. In trying to investigate from afar, Jace wanders too close without looking and steps on a nest of crab eggs –  breaking a few. Crabs emerge from the beach, and turn to face Jace.

With quick thinking, Jace turns invisible, and the crabs turn their attention on Asha and candle. Asha doesn't want to fight the crabs, and leave candle at the front. Candle summons a polearm of pure flame and begins battle with the angry crabs. After creating a fire from some nearby driftwood – candle flings a flames at the carbs, scorching them.

Asha, seeing the crabs are too hostile readies her sword. Candle forces his polearm through the head of one crab, smelling the sizzling crab meat as it's body goes limp. Asha begins battle with another crab, and gets punched by it's large pincers. Jace races back to help Asha, and stabs the crab with his dagger under it's carapace – but it's able to get a fatal hit on Jace has he does so. Both the crab and Jace go limp. 

Candle dispatches the final crab, and the group sits over the body of Jace, who stabilizes and is able to consume one of his healing potions. The group camps around the burning driftwood and enjoys some well earned crab meat

They decide to investigate the crashed ship. Candle hears a weeping wail from inside the ship, and remains weary of approaching. Asha sees a strange misty  fog, and asks Jace to try and see if the ship is magic. As Jace is trying to identify the magic of the ship, he gets too close to the opening and stumbles over some rocks into the dark foggy hull. Jace sees a guard weeping over the corpse of another guard. As Jace gets to his feet, he sees the fog flow into the weeping guard – who stands up and pulls his sword out of the chest of his ally. The guard starts towards Jace.

Jace scurries out of the hull, as the guard follows – he trips, but is able to use his dagger as leverage, jamming it in some rocks as he does so. Candle asks the spirit possesing this guard what fire fuels it, and hears "Sorrow".  Without a beat, Asha looses an arrow into the guard's shoulder – staggering it. Without any weapons at his disposal, Jace throws a heavy book at the guard, hitting him in the face.

Candle begins to reason with the ghost, asking how he can help. The Ghost asks to posses Candle, in which Candle says no. Asha lets another arrow fly right through the forehead of the guard – who's body goes limp and falls face first into the rocks – smashing his skull.

The fog seeps out of the guard's body and back into the hull. Jace goes into the water, collecting the sword from the guard, and his dagger – Candle says he wants to set the ship on fire. Asha and Jace disagree completely. Candle summons a fire weapon, which Asha knocks out of his hand -burning herself fairly badly. With Asha distracted, and Jace unable to stop Candle while wading through the water, Candle sets the ship ablaze.

Candle enters the ship as it's on fire – unharmed by the heat. He sees a hanging gold locket, intricate in design and takes it, placing it securly in his pocket before taking the other guard's sword and leaving the burning wreckage. The group watch as the ship collapses in flame, and the ghost mists escapes into the sky.


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