Isle of Night

To the Island

The four criminals have been in king Kalato Thanas' prison for a few months, with on sign of verdict in sight. They have seen many people come and go from the prison, discharged within a few weeks, or worse – being sentenced to exile on the Island of Night.

The group is brought in front of the warden, King Kalato, and Judge Abrax Pinos to hear their verdict. One by one they are read their crimes and subsequently sentenced to exile on the infamous Island of Night.

They are led to an airship, handcuffed and surrounded by guards – but outfitted with all of their belongings.

After many hours have passed of traveling on this hair ship, the party is lead bellow deck where there is a gathering of robed wizards around a large opening in the bottom of the ship. The wizards create an air tunnel, dispersing the thick acid fog which encapsulates the Island of Night, and one by one the party is pushed out through the ships opening.

As they fall, they see the beam of light that surrounds them from the world they came, and the dark purple tinge of the Island of Night. Nothing is below them but open water.



garrlevine garrlevine

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