King Kalato Thanas

King of the Realm


A fairly well respected king Kalato Thanas is young but ragged with the wear of battles he has participated in. This has earned the respect of his people, as well as various moments of community service he has organized and participated in amongst his kingdom.

His temperament as king is known to be stable and predictable by his people, often seen as helpful to his people and those that serve him. He is, however, a very suspicious person and will lay down sentences with little regard for morality or human life. He can be quite hostile to his enemies, and treats them with a callous attitude.

While his people see his as predictable, his enemies see him as amoral an hostile – quickly breaking oaths and pacts to further his own agenda. Perhaps the most amoral is sentencing lunatics and criminals to the Island of Night, where they are free to create an anarchist society.


King Kalato Thanas

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