Magestrate Caltelia Auros

Head of the school of magic


Magistrate Caltelia Auros is said to quite a cruel and unforgiving headmistress of the school of magic. She is fastidious, and well put together with a penchant for owls, which she incorporates into her clothing through trinkets or pins. She commands respect with her demeanor.


The Head Mistress of the lead school of Magic, head Mistress Caltelia is focused on her a primary goal of supplying the army with adept wizards and mages. With her military focus, she does not forgive easily when rules are broken – and little is done in the way of correction. If you break any rules, you are expelled from the school immediately. In extreme cases, she will push for you to be expelled from the school.

She is known to be quite lazy, and while she commands respect in the room, she is known to miss meetings simply because she didn’t want to leave her office. As well, she will expel people from her school and begin to pursue higher punishment from King Kalatao, but will often forget or feel like it is too much hassle.

While she is very rules oriented, she does believe herself to be above the rules, which is shown by the way she acts. Caltelia is known to be somewhat of an old pervert, making harassing comments at young attractive students in her hallways.

Magestrate Caltelia Auros

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